History of the Restaurant

Sanford “Corky” Kurland  was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in his father’s grocery market on 93rd & Union.  After  attending the National Meat Cutting School in Toledo in the summer of 1948, Corky worked at The Miami Restaurant before taking a job at Sand’s Deli.  His restaurant career was interrupted in 1952 when he joined the US Army, but after two years he was able to put on his apron once again at Sand’s Deli where he learned all he could about the restaurant business. 

In 1956, Corky partnered with Lenny Kaden to open a New York style deli and restaurant featuring great deli meats and the Eastern European and American dishes they had both grown up eating. The self named “Corky & Lenny’s “ was an immediate hit.  Located in Cedar Center, which was at the intersection of Cedar and Warrensville Center Road, business was brisk from open to close.  Families started their day over breakfast, businessmen closed deals over lunch, teens flirted over malts and young adults fell in love over a late night dinner. 

In 1973 the time was right for expansion and the current location at 27091 Chagrin Blvd in Woodmere opened its doors.  It was a success from the start with help from new partner Alex Pearl.

In 1990, the energetic Alex passed away and Lenny felt it was time to retire.  Corky did not have to look far for new partners, his son, Kenny Kurland and nephew, Earl Stein had both grown up working in the business.

In 1994 the Cedar Center location closed its doors after 38 years of warm support from their customers.

Corky passed away in October of 2011.  His vision and commitment to quality are still evident in every plate of food served and every smile that flashes across diner’s faces.

In May 2012 the first Corky & Lenny’s express location opened inside the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.   The concept was such a success that Caesars Entertainment requested another  express location at the  Thistledown Racino which opened in February of 2014.

In the summer of 2014 Earl retired leaving Kenny to continue the traditions of his father.

Perhaps Gloria Kurland, Corky’s wife, who has worked at Corky & Lenny’s since the very beginning said it best,  “We’re iconic in Cleveland. We’ve had so many people pass through our doors, then their children and now their grandchildren.  It’s quite an accomplishment. ”